Waiting list for a wooden house: "Energy savings are between 30-50%".

Despite the slump in industrial production, wooden houses have withstood the price increases. All raw materials are more expensive, but a house of this type is still cheaper than one made of concrete. The savings are also noticeable in energy, thanks to the constant temperature they maintain. And when it comes to manufacturing them, there is less pollution.

Ana is delighted with her wooden house: "It is very pleasant, very comfortable, very well insulated". This is what most stands out about the house in which she has been living for a year and a half with her daughter. Noa, at first, had the same doubts as her mother: "it looks like a hut", but "now I wouldn't change it". This project is the idea of José Carlos Prieto, manager of Circe materia, who recognises that "they have a waiting list".

Original news https://www.antena3.com/noticias/economia/lista-espera-tener-casa-madera-ahorro-energia-esta-3050_2023021963f2549115aa4a0001770fdf.html

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