"Building a house in wood can save money in the medium to long term".

María Portela, a forestry engineer and researcher at the Lugo campus, is a member of the Plataforma de Enxeñaría da Madeira Estrutural (Pemade). This body has just published a guide to the supply and characterisation of structural wood.

-In Lugo and throughout Galicia there is an abundance of wood. Is added value given to it?

-It is generated. We have been working for years on projects with companies in the sector. In knowledge transfer we have reached the company: the last push is missing, but I think we are on the right track. The important thing is not that the projects stay here but that they reach the company. In fact, we are working with a company from Betanzos, which, like others, has become involved in the project.

Original entry https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/lugo/lugo/2020/09/24/construir-casa-madera-puede-resultar-ahorro-medio-largo-plazo/0003_202009L24C5991.htm

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