The use of renewable energy in homes is no longer a novelty. Many people have already implemented photovoltaic panels to produce electricity, thermal panels to heat water and even mini wind turbines (windmills) to help with battery charging.

Thanks to the increase in efficiency of both the collection and storage systems (batteries), it is no longer necessary to carry out complicated installations.

The use of sunlight and wind has allowed great autonomy in country houses where electricity did not previously reach, replacing gasoline generators with renewable, less polluting and noisy energy.

The installation of solar panels in wooden houses does not differ from what can be done in houses built with other materials.

Solar panels are also becoming more widespread in wooden garden sheds, either for use as a tool storage, or for higher quality sheds intended to create an office, a SPA or a private corner.

In short, a good system if we do not have electricity near our house.

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