The use of renewable energies in country houses is no longer a novelty; many people have already implemented photovoltaic panels to produce electricity, thermal panels to heat water and even mini-aerogenerators (windmills) to help with battery charging.

Thanks to the increased efficiency of both collection and storage systems (batteries), complicated installations are no longer necessary.

 The use of light and wind has allowed a great autonomy in country houses where electricity was not available, and has made it possible to replace the petrol generator with renewable energies that are less polluting and less noisy.

These systems are not yet profitable; if we have a connection to the electricity grid, we do not usually resort to photovoltaic panel installations. Another thing is the thermal panel, which is widely used and even compulsory in new buildings in certain countries.

The installation of solar panels in wooden houses is no different from the installation in a house built with other materials.

 Solar panels are also becoming widespread in wooden garden huts, whether for use as a tool store, or for other huts with higher qualities such as those intended to create an office, a SPA or our own private corner.

In short, a good system if we do not have electricity near our house or hut.

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