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This type of septic tank uses a method known as oxidation to purify water.
residual that is generated. This is a purification model that consists of reducing or
eliminate organic agents present in domestic wastewater. Through oxygen and
the recirculation of the active sludge present in the septic tank, purification is achieved

of the water.

The total oxidation process that takes place in the treatment plants for this purpose is simple.
First, the wastewater enters a biological reactor into which air is injected. Is called
aeration phase. The contact of water with air causes organisms to begin to

oxidize, keeping them in suspension.

We then move on to the second phase, sludge decantation. Thanks to the decant-
tion of suspended solids we manage to minimize the number of solids in the waters.

Once this step is completed, the oxidation process is repeated once more to
to eliminate as much as possible the organisms that are still in suspension.
Finally, the already clean water will pass to the outlet pipe, that is, the already purified water will be

will expel the final chamber. As for the remaining sludge, it is extracted thanks to special equipment.
ized that must be collected periodically for correct treatment.

These purification systems are a very efficient resource, especially in areas where there is no

a sewer network arrives or separated from urban centers, such as farms, single-family plots.
miliars in the field...Also, if you are thinking of purchasing total oxidation equipment,

You should know that they exist for all types of homes and needs, having from purified-
plants with capacity for 5 inhabitants (single-family home) to treatment plants with capacity

for 250 people (for example, in a rural hotel or campsite).

Watertight septic tanks are accumulation tanks for wastewater (gray and fecal), and
They are "zero discharge" equipment as they are not provided with a purified water outlet pipe.
Once filled, you must proceed to empty it. This operation must be carried out by a company

authorized for subsequent waste management.

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